Fire Retardant Foam

New Product

A top quality, fire retardant, high density, medium compression foam.

  • 2.6# Foam
  • Fire Spec Foam



EZ Dri 70 Foam

New Product

This is the “real deal”… the original… not some cheap imposter. Manufactured by Crest.

EZ-Dri’s large, open pores allow maximum water drainage and air circulation, permitting use quickly after being wet or even saturated.  Outdoor cushions dry almost immediately after exposure to rain, salt spray, melting snow, morning dew, washing, or other forms of moisture and humidity.

From the backyard, to the back of the boat, to the mattresses down below, EZ-Dri polyether-polyurethane foam provides long lasting comfort and durability combined with extremely fast drying properties.


ABS Panel Board

New Products

•  Outstanding formability
•  Waterproof
•  Heat formable
•  Very high impact strength
•  High tensile strength and stiffness
•  Excellent high and low temperature performance
•  Resistant to many chemicals and plasticizers
•  Excellent ductility
•  Lends itself to dielectric welding

SNAD Fasteners

Featured Product

The adhesively attached SNAD fastener components are especially designed for marine applications. Unlike traditional metal screw studs, this product does not require any hole to be drilled into the substrate thus avoiding the many problems associated with their use. The SNAD sockets or studs will not snag clothing or deteriorate from exposure to sunlight, sand or dirt. Plus, their unique dome shape enables them to be walked on without causing discomfort.



Camo Headliner

Featured Product

This is a high quality 100% polyester knit headliner with a 3/16”  foam backing and has a very soft finish on the face of the fabric. Ideal for car and truck cab headliner replacement and also great for lining gun lockers, hunting cabins, box stands and gun blind interiors. It is also well suited for the front of foam/mesh ball caps and anywhere else a camouflage knit face and foam back upholstery application is desired.


Boatvent 3

New Product

Boat Vent 3 is fast and easy to install and can be added to virtually any custom or semi custom cover. Just follow the included instructions and use the supplied template to quickly and easily install the vent in your cover. Boat Vent 3 is made of the best UV inhibited plastic to ensure a long trouble free life and is available in the standard or over the seam model to cover any position on the cover. Works with mooring/tent poles.



Mooring Pole Pad Lock

New Product

Rubber Swivel Pad Pole Base is a solid, sturdy base for boat cover support poles that makes installing your boat cover quick and easy. This pole base has the ability to swivel in any direction and hold the pole in place, so you can get support exactly where you need it. The Rubber Swivel Pad Pole Base is made from a thermoplastic rubber that gives the pad a firm grip. The large base helps to disperse the weight and protects your flooring from damage caused by standard crutch tips.


Pattern Plastic

New Product

Pattern plastic is best when pattern making requires a durable pattern medium that lasts longer than various pattern paper. Pattern plastic is used to created long lasting, durable, and flexible patterns. It will not crack, curl, or become frayed like paper. It is easy to cut, mark, and notch. For computerized pattern scribers, it lasts longer and can provide savings in the long run.

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