Outdura/Sattler Design Selector

The Design Selector is a VIRTUAL SHOWROOM for your company

DESIGN SELECTOR allows you to choose any fabric combination from our line to drape on various seating pieces or shade applications.
Even though the items shown are not your exact frame choice, this is sure to give you a realistic idea of what our fabric application can look like. It's fun! 

How to use:

Click the yellow plus on the pillow or cushion you would like to change the color and design of.

Once you have clicked the yellow plus the selector screen will appear.

You can filter colors by clicking the different colored circles in the top left.

Patterns options can be filtered by the different patterned circles in the top right.

Once you have found a pattern you like click anywhere inside the box with the picture, number, and name in it.

That material will then be displayed on the cushion or pillow you chose.

If you would like to change the scene and design a different type of furniture, click the arrows in the bottom right and left < > or the white boxes at the middle of the bottom.

If you have found a pattern you like and would like a sample scroll to the top of your screen and underneath the search bar on the main menu is a “Memo Sample” option. Click on “Memo Sample” and fallow the directions there to receive a sample.

If you would like to purchase a fabric please scroll to the top of the page and use the search bar. You will be able to fins the fabric by searching tis name or number.

Any questions please reach out to Info@actionup.com