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Reticulated Foam – FR18030 Medium

Reticulated Foam does not absorb water like regular poly foams do. It allows water to flow through the foam. Reticulated Foam has a density of 1.8 lbs making it a very high quality and durable product. We have three compressions in stock: MEDIUM, MEDIUM FIRM and FIRM. Ideal uses include outdoor and boat cushions. Sizes may vary.

Reticulated Foam – FR18030 Medium

Item #

Sheet Size

FR18030 1

1 x 60 x 110

FR18030 2 (special order)

2 x 60 x 110

FR18030 3 (special order)

3 x 60 x 110

FR18030 4 (special order)

4 x 60 x 110

FR18030 5 (special order)

5 x 60 x 110

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