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Costa Track

16ft sections

Costa Track® is far superior to anything else currently in use. Designed to replace the old flange type track and used for a variety of enclosure applications. Costa Track® features:

  • Beefy rigid PVC construction for exceptional strength.
  • A pocket on the flat version for double-sided tape, eliminating the need for caulking in marine applications.
  • A built-in countersink for the seating of screw heads allows welt to slide through unobstructed.
  • Strength, yet it has the flexibility to be heated and bent around any radius.
  • Pre-drilled holes every 4″ for quicker installation.
  • Colors to match your enclosure, Costa Track® comes in white and ivory.

ARPC116I – Ivory (flat botom)
ARPC116W – White (flat bottom)

ARPC216I – Ivory (curved bottom)
ARPC216W – White (curved bottom)




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