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Carbon Fiber Shade Pole


Features and Benefits
• Lightweight Carbon Fiber material with clear, Awl Grip UV-protection
• Built to withstand the harsh marine environments
• Cam cleat allows for easy adjustment of line tension
• Open hood feature allows for alternative fabric clamping bungee cord system
• Extends from 52.89″ to 80.4″
• Includes a mesh carrying bag for storage
• 1-year limited warranty


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AVAILABLE NOW! THE NEW TELE-SUN SHADE POLES ARE PERFECT FOR FAMILIES, FISHING AND HAVING A GREAT TIME ON THE WATER. Extend your time on the water and at the sandbar with the new Tele-Sun Shade Poles! Made from strong, lightweight and flexible Carbon Fiber, the Tele-Sun Shade Poles are easy to install and stow – maximizing time and fun on your boat. Simply insert the poles into your boat’s rod holders, secure a sun-protecting fabric to the boat top, attach the fabric connector to the poles and extend the poles into position. The Tele-Sun Shade Poles can be mounted to the front or rear of your boat, depending on your preference, and telescope from just over 52.89″ to 80.4″ tall.


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