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135 x 17 Special Sewing Machine Needle

135 x 17 Special Sewing Machine Needle

Gerberdur is a coated “lubricated needle”

Item #
NS135X17 24CS
Gerberdur Coated
NS135X17D 130
Diamond Point


Sewing Machine Needles-Groz-Beckert for most industrial sewing machines are in boxes of 100, but can be purchased by the 10 pack as well. When ordering sewing machine needles two sets of numbers are necessary, the first is the number which tells what kind needle fits a particular machine such as a 135 x 17 fits a Consew 206RB. The second number needed is for the weight or the gauge of the needle. These numbers range from lower numbers for lightweight needles to higher numbers for heavy weight needles. We stock 16/100 (lightweight), 11/110, 10/125, 21/130, 22/140, and 12/160 (heavy-duty) which is a good range for our customers, but other varieties of needles are available for special order.



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