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This year I am inspired to use one of the gifts God has given me in order to share it with the world and bring joy to those who love it.
At nine years old I discovered I had a natural ability to draw, but it was at 36, in a time when solitude and tranquility were at best, that I began to develop the art of painting. In this time of my life I was given the privilege to serve in a chapel, and one of my responsibilities was to paint “Chap’s” door and make it more colorful…..I attempted to paint a sunflower when I was 19, but that was it!  I figured if I use the brush with the same motion I use a pencil I can teach myself to paint!  Flowers were the easiest thing I could do so I painted big flowers and loved every minute of it… “such peace”.

I was able to develop my skills as time went by, and although this was a short-term experience, four years later I was blessed to serve at another chapel drawing and painting as well.  I learned how to enlarge small images by creating a grid, then drawing in the image using chalk instead of a pencil.  I discovered blending colors with my fingers was therapeutic for me. My friends would say things like, “Jeannie you look so peaceful”.  I knew then this was something very special.

I had gained interest in other skills such as cooking and baking. In 2015 I enrolled in a technical school completing the Baking and Pastry Arts program and worked as a baker at a local arts cafe.  The walls were a way for artists to display their work and often felt as though I could do something like that too.  I moved on to work as a cake decorator with the desire to paint buried inside my heart.

It is now at age 46 that I have made the decision to give this a shot and push myself to make it happen! March was my first time exhibiting anything out there and it was a success!  Not only was I getting positive feedback, I sold a piece and received an order!!  That day was very special…The dreams I thought were dead came to life and with the little faith I had God was able to show me all it takes is to believe in myself more because He is on my side.  I thank Him for the beautiful life he has given me as he has transformed me into a new and brighter woman today.

With that said All Things Become New Creations is a story of what can be done after things are rejected for old, ugly of no use, and or thought as no good anymore.  These are the pieces I look for to make new by restoring with my love for transformation.

God Bless!